Our Shared Future

What makes Park County unique? 

How have things changed in twenty years?  

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the current pace of growth?

‘Our Park County’ is a community listening project sponsored by the Park County Environmental Council.  We are seeking to better understand the local values we all share and the type of future we collectively envision for our home. ‘Our Park County’ is an open and honest dialogue that will provide a wide range of opinions for local folks from all walks of life.

Community Listening

Listening is a critical step in helping us understand what kind of future we can all collectively envision. That’s why in 2022, ‘Our Park County’ will be hosting interview conversations and conducting opinion surveys with hundreds of local folks from Cooke City to Wilsall.  

A wide diversity of opinions is critical to helping us understand how our community as a whole thinks about growth and the current pace of change. If you are interested in participating in this research or want to learn more, please contact us below.